User Interface Transformation: The Impacts of Motion Design

The way you relay your message to your target market impacts how they perceive your brand. Some opt for a minimalist poster creating curiosity while some go overboard by creating animated and motion design marketing materials.

Back in the day, we were already fascinated with the <marquee> effect wherein you can the text continuously move in one direction and cycles. Now, in a contemporary era, motion design is gradually penetrating digital marketing to catch consumers’ attention. We can observe this trend even looking at some simple business which belong to car mechanics, plumbers or electricians...

Now with the ever-changing consumer trend along with the meticulous customer culture, UI/UX gradually transforms to make ends meet. Hence, motion design, for some brands, utilise this technology to upgrade their user interface and create a new culture to their target market.  

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The Impacts of Motion Design in User Interface Transformation

Extends Visual Cues

Motion design is an effective tool in leading the audience’s eyes in the right direction. It boosts user interface through intuitive animations and gives focus to the next intended step that will lead the user to the website’s essential page.

The use of motion can deliberately gain and acknowledge the user’s input while guiding them in navigating the page or the website. Apart from managing the user’s activities, it also engages them. Hence, with motion design, marketers can now entertain their target market while gradually injecting an idea to purchase or avail the services they offer 

Delivers Responsive Gestures

Users are now equipped with digital knowledge and slowly adapting to the constant shifts in the digital world. Because of that, users tend to opt for an online experience that is fluid and agile. It is likely for your audience to skip certain features in your website or application if the message it projects is unclear. That is why it is important to lay out your communication tactics in a way that your audience need not dig deeper to decipher it. 

Additionally, a responsive website that accommodates user’s questions as they arise is another advantage brands can get from motion-designed marketing schemes. Apart from that, motion design also helps build a good and long-term relationship with your target audience. 

Motion Design is one of the most important web dev trends in 2021

Flawless Transitions

Another advantage of motion design is the ability to deliver an uninterrupted flow. It helps in seamless navigation and time-efficiency. However, it can either distract or entertain your audience. Thus, it has to be strategically designed to ensure the flawless flow in your platform.

On a brighter note, motion design can prolong your audiences’ patience by entertaining while they wait for another page to load. Thus, with the right motion design scheme, your brand can benefit from its advantages in boosting user experience.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Most of the bulk traffic online comes from mobile users and intuitive motion responsiveness became even more critical when mobiles are used. Some web features do not work well on mobile; hence, it is important to create a design that translates well on phones. However, with motion design, it is equipped to work with mobiles. Thus, many brands utilise this technology to build their relationship with their target market while subtly aiming for a sale.

The digital world constantly shifts its trend to cater to the latest consumer trend. Using motion design is one way to gain the market’s attention while at the same time, delivering an experience that is flawless but agile. Thus, if you want to create a brand that is dynamic and knows how to flow with the current, motion design is one aspect that can help mould your brand identity.

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