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Remarketing vs Retargeting: Really? Why is everybody using these words?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Remarketing and Retargeting is the next big thing, everybody is talking about it but what does it really mean? Let’s be really honest, you are already seeing this working in your everyday online activities, no doubt you have searched for a product and then like magic the same company has adverts on every web page you go to over the following couple of weeks, there is no magic genie at play here, this is simply remarketing! Read more...


Pinterest Policy Change Affects Business

Pinterest has updated its Acceptable Use Policy and this is going to directly impact how you present your business on Pinterest. Pinterest’s ultimate goal is to make the site a place where users come for inspiration and share their thoughts and ideas. Read more...

user interface

User Interface Transformation

User Interfaces changed over the years. Now, when UI and UX are so important this process sped up quite significantly. In this post you can find out more about the newest trends.  Read more...

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